Reset Detox Program

For each client, our trained professionals provide extensive care. Clients schedule weekly appointments to track their progress with our In-Body Technology, a cutting-edge tool that accurately analyzes body composition with tactile electrode systems. Our In-Body Technology allows us to measure the composition of water, fat, and muscles, and thereby accurately assess how body composition is transforming during the detox. In addition, we provide supplemental detox juice, fire cupping, lymphatic drainage technique, VST acupuncture, heat therapy throughout the ten appointments to maximize fat burn and toxin removal.

Many weight loss programs focus on the sheer number of pounds lost measured by a weight scale and do not have the professional technology to accurately measure the changes in body composition. Often times, with limited measuring technology and water weight loss, individuals experience the “yo-yo effect,” which is when one quickly gains regains weight. But Acupia’s Reset Detox targets to transform our client’s metabolism and lifestyle during the program to better maintain the results gained at the end.