What is different about Acupia’s Reset Detox compared to other juice cleansings?

Other juice cleansings are self-guided without a consistent monitoring of body’s progress. Acupia’s Reset Detox program is designed to provide necessary nutritional supplements during the fast with our herbal juice to optimize the body’s detoxification process and track the progress on a weekly basis using our state-of-art technology. In addition, our professional health care providers facilitate toxin excretion through acupuncture, heat therapy, cupping, and lymphatic drainage therapy.

Are there any side effects?

With Acupia’s Reset Detox program, each client receives individualized professional care that begins with In-body body composition analysis. Depending on each client’s past and current health conditions, some may experience symptoms like dizziness and headache initially as the body adjusts its metabolism.

Can I continue my activity level during detox period?

Absolutely. You can maintain your daily lifestyle including work and exercise schedules. Initially, from periods that span usually from half-day to couple days, your body needs adjusting the time to start using fatty tissues as an energy source instead of carbohydrates and glucose. However, past the adjusting period, Reset Detox helps our clients feel more energetic, lighter, and mentally alert.

Is Reset Detox beneficial to my digestive system?

Our digestive system is very busy and hardworking and requires high amounts of energy. Overconsumption drains energy needed for healing, repair and general maintenance of the body. Fasting gives our digestive system time to rest and restore its mucous membranes and function, which is important in preventing leaky gut syndrome. Furthermore, it helps our digestive system recover its symbiosis of gut microbiomes.

Could there be damage to the brain or other tissue? Do I lose muscle?

The brain itself consumes about 18% of the basal metabolic rate: on a total intake of 1800 kcal/day, this equates to 324 kcal or about 80 g of glucose. Our detox juice provides 500 kcal per day, so it supplies the necessary functional glucose consumption for the brain. Hence, Reset detox diet does not create an extreme situation that forces muscles to use protein for energy. During Reset detox, your body will continue to use glycogen, fatty acids, ketone bodies rather than protein from your muscle. We can also check the concentration of beta-hydroxybutyrate, a type of ketone body, in blood to efficiently track fat metabolism in the body.

Do metabolic rates decrease?

Metabolic rate is calculated from lean body mass using Inbody body composition analysis technology. Lean body mass includes everything from your skin, bones, ligaments, and tendons, to your organs and water content. If you lose excessive extracellular water, which often comes from edema, during your Reset Diet period, it can be seen as reduced metabolic rate, but don’t worry. If you go through a recovery stage and start eating again, it can be elevated to your normal range.