Acupia provides infertility support for both men and women with expertise and care before they embark on a journey of fertility.

Male considerations

For a successful fertilization, healthy male sperm condition is crucial. Sperm DNA’s integrity is especially important because DNA damage is the main cause of male infertility and contributes to higher miscarriage rates and reduces IVF success rates.

Obesity and varicocele increase scrotal (testis) temperatures, which lowers sperm quality. Acupuncture has proven to improve sperm quality as much as varicocelectomy in a randomised clinical trial.

Acupia’s male infertility treatment focuses on raising sperm quality increasing blood flow to testis and protecting sperm DNA with herbal medicine.

Female considerations

Mothers sacrifice their body to serve as a home for a growing baby for 10 months. In order to create a physically capable and nurturing environment for the fertilized egg to grow, Acupia helps women prepare and strengthen their body for pregnancy

  • Assist in ovulation induction
  • Better pelvic circulation using acupuncture and lymphatic drainage technique
  • Improving uterine lining for fertility, conception, and implantation
  • Helping stress/anxiety management