Many skin problems result from gut-related issues.

Why Focus On The Gut?
  • What organ of the body produces ¾ of the neurotransmitters?
  • What organ of the body contains ⅔ + of the immune tissue?
  • What “organ”of the body contains 10 times more cells than the rest of the body combined?
  • What organ of the body has a metabolic activity greater than the liver?

As you can guess, the answer for all the questions was the gut. Essentially, the gut performs a crucial function in regulating internal states of the body. The skin and scalp, our outer layer, reflects our internal health, which is mostly dictated by the guts.

Inside our guts, numerous microbiomes reside in mutualistic, commensalistic, and parasitic relationships. Antibiotics, pesticides, heavy metal, environmental hormones, industrial chemicals, unbalanced diet, and external chemical toxins disrupt the symbiosis of microbiomes in our guts. Thus, the disruption is the cause of many skin and hair problems.