Dr. Jong Hwa LeePh.D, L.Ac, KMD

Pain management, VST acupuncture, Reset Detox, functional medicine

Dr. Jong Hwa Lee is an internationally distinguished expert in the field of Korean medicine. His contribution and commitment to the field of Korean medicine in the last 25 years has been tremendous. Today, he is renowned for his publications, lectures, patent and foremost his experience in the field.

He began his studies in Korean medicine in 1990 at Kyunghee University in Seoul, South Korea and received his B.S. (6 years), M.S. (2 years), and Ph.D (3 years) degrees from Kyunghee University. After graduating, he devoted several years to research. He researched biochemical mechanism of metabolic diseases such as diabetes and obesity and their interaction with herbal ingredients (Inulin and Resveratrol) at Kyung Hee University Medical School’s molecular biology lab. During this time, he began developing his trademark program “Reset Detox,” which is a comprehensive and holistic approach to reset one’s metabolism. From 1997 to 2000, he served as a medical officer in the Korean military.

His clinical career began in 2001 when Dr. Lee established the first Kyunghee Acupia Wellness Clinic in Seoul, South Korea. Started as one clinic, Acupia Wellness grew to ten branches that now cover key parts of South Korea. As he gathered many years of clinical experience, he developed a groundbreaking branch of acupuncture – Vertex Synchronizing Technique (VST) acupuncture. VST acupuncture has redefined non-invasive treatments for musculoskeletal disorders and has been administered in over 100,000 treatments.

Aside from his clinical practice, Dr. Lee has been driven to raise awareness of Korean Medicine and its benefits, speaking internationally.

  • 2013 Global Asian Medicine Association – Cairo, Egypt
  • 2013 Brazilian Medical Acupuncture Congress – Ouro Preto, Brazil
  • 2011 – iSAMS (International Scientific Acupuncture and Meridian Symposium) Conference at UC Irvine, CA
  • 2010 – World Congress of Medical Acupuncture – Riga, Latvia
  • 2010 – American Acupuncture Medical Association – Orlando, Florida
  • 2009 – American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AAAOM) for Acupuncture Awareness Day in Capitol Hill Sacramento, CA

In addition, he has translated publications Chiropractic Technique, Malalignment Syndrome, and Medical Acupuncture from English to Korean. He also has published several books in Korean about the interconnectedness of posture, musculoskeletal disease, and obesity.