What is VST acupuncture?

  1. The goal of VST treatments is to restore biomechanical balance when treating musculoskeletal diseases
  2. The underlying concept of VST is “tensegrity” - tension + integrity
  3. The body’s tensegrity is examined by 3 Dimensional Vertex Analysis that examine the body in three different planes for four major vertices in our body, allowing us to pinpoint the source of pain
  4. VST treatments help individuals to break the vicious cycle of compensation reactions that trigger functional and structural imbalances, resolving the fundamental problem and preventing future recurrences

Traditional Acupuncture

  • Based on the meridian system
  • Retain acupuncture needles for 15-30 minutes
  • Effects of acupuncture may not be immediate and should be expected after a period of time

VST Acupuncture

  • Based on biomechanics of the human body
  • Needles are pulled out immediately after stimulating target points
  • Improved range of motion (ROM) and symptoms can be expected following a treatment