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Dr. Jong Hwa Lee founded Kyunghee Acupia Wellness Clinic back in 2001 in Seoul, South Korea. In the center of Traditional Korean Medicine, Acupia Wellness grew to 10 branches across South Korea, serving over 700,000 patients in a span of 17 years. During the years, numerous Korean celebrities, stars, and athletes sought out Acupia Wellness for its expertise in holistic treatment of the body.

With unparalleled expertise and experience, Acupia Wellness is proud to introduce Korean Medicine (K-medicine) to Orange County. Acupia Wellness first opened in 2009, providing the latest and most researched K-medicine techniques, Vertex Synchronizing Technique (VST) acupuncture and Reset Detox, for gynecological, ENT (ear, nose, throat), and skin conditions and pain management.

Heal your body, heal your lifeYOU DESERVE A HEALTHY LIFE

Our mission is to provide an integrative medical approach for our patients through our trademark Vertex Synchronizing Technique (VST) acupuncture and Reset Detox program to optimize patients’ holistic health while addressing specific needs. We are proud to serve and educate our community about Traditional Korean Medicine and non-invasive treatments to help individuals restore their innate healing responses.

Traditional Korean Medicine views the body as an integrated system. Restoring balance and maintaining homeostasis is key to our practice. Instead of treating individual symptoms, we target to heal the root causes of the symptoms. It’s like what we would do with a dry plant. Instead of simply soaking the leaves in water, we assess the root causes of why the plant would be dry. The causes could be overexposure to sunlight, lack of nutrients in the soil, or that the xylem isn’t functioning correctly. Soaking the leaves in water only temporarily hides the problem. However, treating the root causes restores the plant’s balance and naturally solves the dryness.